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WPSU Building

EnrichingQuality of Life

WPSU creates and delivers compelling content that engages and empowers communities and enriches the quality of life for all of our diverse audiences.

WPSU Goals

  • Encouraging Diversity
  • Engaging Pennsylvania and Beyond
  • Delivering to Multiple Platforms
  • Inspiring Lifelong Learning


WPSU engages communities in the heart of Pennsylvania with educational and commercial-free programs that reach across generations to inform, intrigue, and inspire.

Connecting a network of lifelong learners, WPSU bridges the local and the global with stories that our Pennsylvania communities can invest in, stories invested in the community of Pennsylvania and beyond.


In a future where everyone is both teacher and student, both actor and audience, and learning is a continuum stretching across generations, geographies, and historical divides, WPSU will innovate the ways diverse communities share knowledge, creating unprecedented opportunities for engagement and lifelong learning.

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