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Venue Gems of the Local Music Scene: The Phyrst

Posted by Nathan Etter on 12/26 at 05:20 PM

After a senior fall semester full of revelry and live local bar music, I have come to find that the State College live music scene is in fact not dead, but alive and grooving.  Let me be your guide to State College’s premier live music bar venues and the local artists that—in the memory of Stevie Ray Vaughn—keep the house a rockin’.  First up, why not The Phyrst?

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Galactic Brings the Funk to the State Theatre

Posted by Nathan Etter on 11/03 at 11:08 PM

When it comes to New Orleans funk, few do it better than Galactic. Last Wednesday at The State Theatre, the veteran five-man group captivated the crowd all night with energetic jams, a dazzling light show, and the help of a trombone-playing prodigy, Corey Henry.

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Keller Williams Review

Posted by Nathan Etter on 10/13 at 05:30 PM

There are few singer-songwriters that have the ability to initiate a dance party in the chair-laden State Theatre, much less maintain it for over two and a half hours as the sole entertainer on stage.  But Keller Williams is no ordinary singer-songwriter.  Friday night, while Jay-Z rocked the BJC, Keller was welcomed back to State College with a sold-out theatre full of devoted fans.  The one-man jam-band and festival circuit legend proceeded to deliver one of the most impressive performances of recent memory. 

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Electric Lemonade Stand Review

Posted by Nathan Etter on 10/11 at 11:04 AM

In front of a mud-caked yet eager crowd of festival-goers, local rock trio Electric Lemonade Stand made their impression felt last Friday, October 2 at the annual weekend event Chucks Farm.  The two-day festival, located on a privately owned farm in Rebersburg, PA, featured a multitude of local acts and drew hundreds of campers despite rain throughout the day on Friday and minimal promotion.

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Ted McCloskey and the Hi-Fi’s: Friday, September 24th.

Posted by Nathan Etter on 09/23 at 11:59 PM

When it comes to well-established professional musicians that have stayed loyal to the State College music scene, few have the experience and dedication of Ted McCloskey.

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