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Album Review: Delilah’s Debut Album “From The Roots Up”

Posted by Brittany Barth on 11/26 at 05:20 PM

Grade: A

About a week ago, while I was listening to music via YouTube, I began perusing through the “Recommended” section to the left of the page. I feel as though this section is often overlooked (at least it was by me) but it’s a musical goldmine. So often it has led me to fantastic artists who I would never have known about otherwise.  And, once again, the goldmine didn’t let me down.

While browsing haphazardly through a sea of unfamiliar artists, I settled on one by the name of Delilah. Her single “Shades Of Grey” was being featured and after listening to it, I knew that her music was something I wanted to investigate further. After exploring the UK-based singer-songwriter in depth, I was pleasantly surprised.

While her music is reminiscent of Nelly Furtado’s, Delilah’s sound offers listeners something different. There is an ambiance to her music. Her songs incorporate an electronic sound that alternates between soothing and passionate. Delilah reveals this unique sound on her debut album, From The Roots Up.

The album includes fifteen tracks, each providing the same ghost-like, mysterious quality that makes her music so intriguing. The overall sound of the album is sultry and enticing. Her voice draws you in, intoxicating you verse by verse.

Songs such as “Breathe”, “Inside My Love” and “I Can Feel You” exhibit the tantalizing music this artist is capable of creating.  And while the album showcases Delilah’s sexy side, it is not limited in what it offers its listeners. From The Roots Up offers audiences an incredible variety, which makes for a stimulating and successful debut album.

Very much like “Shades Of Grey”, the fifth track on the album entitled “Only You” is one of her more uplifting songs. This is a song in which she proclaims the love she has for another. It is a song that radiates joy.

Go” (the first single released from the album), “Never Be Another”, “See You Again” and “Love You So” are R&B based and full of soul. These songs demonstrate the struggles she has faced at the hands of her lover.

Delilah also includes three ballads on the album, so if you’re looking to slow things down, select tracks like “Insecure”, “Cinnababy” and “Tabitha, Mummy And Me”. These are songs which are deeply personal and allow you to connect with the singer through her lyrics.

The final track entitled “Disrespect” sets fire to the album. It is a song driven by passion and anger. It is a song about walking away from a relationship that has caused you unbelievable pain. It is a song about getting revenge.

Each song on Delilah’s album tells a story. Her music is beautiful and hypnotic. Through this album, she has proven herself an artist who creates music that is multifaceted and a force to be reckoned with.

{name} Author: Brittany Barth
Bio: My name is Brittany Barth, an English major currently in my senior year at Penn State. I am a lover of food, John Mayer, all things nautical and cats. It has always been a dream of mine to be the lead singer of a (successful) band. After graduation, my goal is to become a Young Adult fiction novelist, but I would love to be an advice columnist prior to that. I am excited about graduation and what the future holds for me!


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