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Beiber’s New Single About Selena Gomez?

Posted by Jessica Gold on 11/03 at 09:27 PM

Justin Beiber released his new single, “Recovery,” last Monday as a part of MTV’s Music Mondays. According to, Beiber sings “First, I’ll acknowledge/ All trust has been broken/ A successful recovery/ I pray for us at night.” “Grant me with a second chance/ Never thought I’d see your face again/ Learning life through trial and error/ Just tryna make it right.” He also sings about his “girl” giving him a second chance. But who is this girl he speaks of? Well, I think he’s referring to his old flame, Selena Gomez, but I could be wrong. It only makes sense that this song is an apology and plead for a fresh start with Gomez because she is the only woman he has publicly been in a relationship with.

“Recovery” is very different than the music we’re used to hearing from Beiber. He takes a risk with this track, and instead of embracing his pop music roots, he shows his versatility with this R&B ballad. “Recovery’s” production is very simple but electronically made. It doesn’t sound like live instruments play a big of role in this track, although a guitar constantly plays in the background along with the thumping beat.

This track also exhibits Beiber’s growth and maturity as an artist and a young man because the lyrics are personal and relates to an older audience, which may ultimately lead to a larger fan base. Beiber usually sugar coats the topic of love, but now he is revealing real experiences. “Recovery” reminds me of a new-age Usher ballad because it exposes a more realistic consequence of failed relationships just like Usher does in his music.

What do you think about Beiber’s new style and do you think he’s singing about Gomez? Listen below.

{name} Author: Jessica Gold
Bio: Jessica Gold is a senior at the Pennsylvania State University. She is majoring in Print Journalism with double minors in African-American Studies and Sociology. Gold has a love for fashion, style and culture, and plans to work her way through the magazine industry after graduation. Her dream job is to become a writer/editor for Essence, but her ultimate goal is to create her own publication that incorporates multiculturalism in various arenas. She has hopes of achieving this by the time she is 30.


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