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Chiddy Bang Coming to Sig Chi

Posted by Carly Mallenbaum on 04/06 at 12:33 AM

This Thursday Chiddy Bang is going to perform at Sigma Chi Fraternity.  The duo from Philadelphia makes mix-tapes (think Mike Posner) by reworking popular songs to create new, catchy musical masterpieces.

You might recognize the group’s song “Opposite of Adults,” a song that samples MGMT’s famous song “Kids.”

WHEN: Thursday, April 8th
          starts 6:15P.M.; gates open 5:45

WHERE: Sigma Chi ; 400 East Prospect Ave

TICKETS: $10; 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the LION 90.7fm (WKPS) 009 HUB-Robeson Center

Click this to see the concert announcement

{name} Author: Carly Mallenbaum
Bio: Carly Mallenbaum is a junior majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Law and Liberal Arts. At any given time, you will likely find her dancing, running, reading, playing soccer, or listening to music with her huge green headphones. She loves many types of music, specifically alternative rock and anything she can dance to. Some artists she likes are John Mayer Trio, Coldplay, Vampire Weekend, Justin Timberlake, G. Love, Spoon, and The Beatles.


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04/08 at 01:24 PM

Chiddy Bang LOVES Figurative Language.

To get excited for tonight’s show, I thought it would be fun to score (out of 5) some of the group’s silly similes:
“I can make these rappers run like a hard drill”- Opposite of Adults

This lyric isn’t too intimidating to potential opponent-rappers.  Plus, the analogy could use some specificity: are we talking basketball suicides here?
“The Man on the Moon, got a buzz like Aldrin”- Get Up in the Morning

I think the phrase “I got a buzz like Aldrin” could take off.  And Buzz Aldrin is the coolest.
“But I play a Ron Burgundy, I anchor on the track like what”- Opposite of Adults

Any reference to Anchorman gets an automatic 4.  That movie is epic.
“Because the real world’s kind of like Real World”- Opposite of Adults

Worst. Simile. Ever.
“And do they really love us, or is this just a fling?
And we be Peter Parker in love with the Mary Jane”- All Things Go

Is Chiddy Bang saying that the their love for fans is true, like the love between Parker and MJ? Or are they saying that the Spiderman romance is just a fling?  I’m confused.
“I’m rocky like Colorado”- On Our Way

Seriously?  Comparing yourself to a state?
“And like the professor, she like when it’s nutty”- On Our Way

The Nutty Professor doesn’t like it nutty. And this just sounds gross.
“Hate mail is what they send me, but I separate letters like an apostrophe”- Decline

Interesting play on words. And I happen to love the word “apostrophe.”
“if I said I command it like it’s the Pentagon”

Closest to anything political I’ve heard from Chiddy. I’ll take it.
“and now I got more gigs than an apple store”- Never

I like this analogy. I laughed out loud when I first heard it.
“Imagination is magic so when I wake up feel like I’m lookin’ up at Hogwarts”- Never

Chiddy Bang, use fewer drugs. But Harry Potter is still cool.

I hope I hear some more fun figurative language TONIGHT!

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