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Down For Some Electrical Sound? Look No Further Than Sleigh Bells

Posted by Brittany Barth on 09/29 at 10:00 AM

When MTV began to preview their adaptation of the British television show Skins back in 2011, I had no interest in seeing the show. The only reason I ever paid any attention to the preview was because of a particular song that was being featured in the show’s promo. It was a song that I had never heard before and I was desperate to find out what it was and who the band was behind it.

My internet search began.

The show hadn’t debuted yet, so finding its soundtrack was impossible. I remained hopeful and decided to turn my search to YouTube where I had finally discovered the band for which I had been scouring the internet.

The band is Sleigh Bells.

Don’t be fooled by the name. This is no Christmas carol cover band. This is a band with a sound unlike any you’ve ever heard. To give you an idea of what you’re in for, though, Wikipedia places Sleigh Bells under the “Noise-Pop/Dance-Punk” genre (whatever that is). But if I had to categorize Sleigh Bells into a genre, I would place them under “Kick-ass Cheerleader Music.” However unacquainted you may be with the “noise-pop/dance-punk” genre, do not fear the unfamiliar. Sleigh Bells has an aggressive yet sexy sound that you’re guaranteed to love.

The band consists of two members: Alexis Krauss on vocals and Derek Edward Miller on guitar. Together, the two produce the hardcore and electronic songs that Sleigh Bells is known for.

The duo debuted back in 2010 with their album Treats. This album includes the song “Kids” which MTV had been featuring during their preview of Skins. While it is undoubtedly my favorite song on the album (and soon to be yours) its fellow tracks all possess the same in-your-face attitude that “Kids” does.

While the album exists for your listening pleasure, it serves many other purposes as well. If you’re looking for an album to jump-start your morning, play Treats. If you’re looking to bring out you inner-badass, play Treats. If you’re looking for an album to play at your next party, play Treats (specifically “Kids”, “Infinity Guitars” and “Riot Rhythm”). After you’ve taken my advice, be prepared to be complimented on your taste in music and also to answer the inevitable question: “Who is this band?” And of course, don’t forget to thank me.

Other tracks on the album include “A/B Machines,” “Straight A’s” and “Crowd On The Ground.”

If after listening to Treats you still can’t get enough of Sleigh Bells’ stuff, you can check out their newest album Reign of Terror on iTunes.

{name} Author: Brittany Barth
Bio: My name is Brittany Barth, an English major currently in my senior year at Penn State. I am a lover of food, John Mayer, all things nautical and cats. It has always been a dream of mine to be the lead singer of a (successful) band. After graduation, my goal is to become a Young Adult fiction novelist, but I would love to be an advice columnist prior to that. I am excited about graduation and what the future holds for me!


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