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Mash Bros. Play Super Show

Posted by Marcus Correll on 10/05 at 10:35 AM

The show started like a stereotypical frat party scene from Old School or Animal House. As student IDs were flashed to pseudo-security guards, the music began to funnel people into the fenced-in Delta Upsilon lawn on Friday night. Drunken sorority girls escorted by even drunker fraternity boys proved this night was going to be one heck of a show.

Everyone was waiting for Super Mash Bros., a three-piece DJing group similar to DJ Girltalk, to “mash” or combine multiple songs into a new song. That new song usually has some current rap song accompanied with a slower, more rhythmic beat, as well as enough effects and fading on the tracks to create an entirely new sound.

Opening for Super Mash was G-Curtis, a mediocre R&B singer/rapper who got the crowd (and the police) fired up for the weekend with a “f**k the Hawkeyes” chant that echoed down Frat Row.

“Well, we already got in trouble from the po-lice,” G-Curtis said on stage. “Apparently we gotta watch our language.”

After G-Curtis finished up his—thankfully—short set, the emcee of the night, Brian Smith, appeared. Smith is a rock comedian touring with The Campus Socialite as part of the Blitz and Beatz Tour and played an original song called “The Penn State Song.” The chorus “we are, we are, we are, we are Penn State” got the crowd ready for the night ahead.

Smith’s song resonated, the catchy chorus sticking in people’s heads. The mildly offensive “Penn State Song” is bound to become at least a small viral sensation around the Penn State community.

Finally, the headliners of the night were called out of the bus: Super Mash Bros. With the speakers turned up and projectors on each side showing videos, the night was underway. The only problem with this show was that although the music was similar to Girltalk, the party didn’t feel the same.

The art of mashing definitely comes easier when you’re working with three DJs. The DJs mashed together everything from the newest Lil’ Wayne tracks to “Come on Eileen.” Unfortunately, with three people mashing, sometimes it sounds just like that: a mash. Nonetheless the show proved to be a fun time.

On occasion the songs didn’t sync up perfectly for the desired effect, but you have to hand it to three full-time college students who also manage to do nation-wide tours.

The lack of lighting made for a dark lawn, but that didn’t bother the crowd or the performers. Nick Fenmore, from Super Mash said “it’s dark out there; that’s good for you guys because the person next to you can’t see you either.”

As Super Mash played, the screens on either side of the stage cycled through Penn State pictures, giving the impression that they created the slideshow just for us, making this concert one of a kind. Overall, the event was a success, despite some local police interruptions, but what good is a party without the cops?

The Lineup:
Nicolas Fenmore-DJ
Dick Fink-DJ
Ethan Dawes-DJ

{name} Author: Marcus Correll
Bio: I am a junior at the Pennsylvania State University majoring in journalism with hopes of achieving a writing position for a prominent music magazine. I am an avid concert goer and enjoy rock climbing, golfing and hanging with my friends. My top bands right now are Blink-182 (always a top choice), Man Overboard, Manchester Orchestra and Vampire Weekend.


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