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Will Drake’s Leaked Album Affect His Sales?

Posted by Jessica Gold on 09/25 at 03:52 PM

Nothing Was the Same or “NWTS,” which is actor turned rapper/singer Drake’s third album, hit stores on Tuesday, September 24th.  However, last Sunday, September 15th it “magically” appeared online and was available for download. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the album leaked via Twitter. All 13 songs (including singles “Started From the Bottom, “Hold on, We’re Going Home,” and “305 To My City”) were leaked a week and a day before its release date. Collaborations with Jay-Z, songstress Jhene Aiko, Detail, Majid Jordan, Big Sean and 2 Chainz are also available on the album, and the deluxe version includes club banger, “All Me.”

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have been buzzing over NWTS since last Sunday. Most of the comments about the album seem to be the same. Those who have listened to the leak or downloaded it seem to be enjoying the album, but admit that it’s a tad sappy, which is not unusual for Drake.  One parody account of the rapper tweeted: ” Don’t Drake and drive or you’‘ll end up at your ex’s house.”

Most albums that are leaked are only leaked a few days before it drops, but this album leaked super early. Will this affect his album sales? No one will know the answer to this question until sales figures come back.

I took to social media to ask my followers and friends for their predictions. I asked them if they think the leak will negatively or positively affect Drake’s album sales. A majority of those who answered my question via Instagram and Facebook said that they think the leak will actually help his album sales. One of my followers, Brain Wain, J.r voiced his opinion: “Artists leak their CD’s just for the simple fact to see how much it’ll stir up the fan base. If it’s hot enough, you’ll still buy it after the leak. It’s all a stunt.”

Wain makes a good point. It could possibly be an album sale strategy, but strategy can also take a wrong turn. If people can download the full album without paying for it, and don’t really care about supporting the artist by actually purchasing it, album sales can be greatly affected in a bad way. However, all of my followers who answered my question agreed that if a person is a “true” fan then they will wait it out despite the leak.

Patrick Thomas, a senior at Penn State and avid Drake fan explained his view on this topic: “If anything it helps. I’ve waited for months and just because it leaked and I heard it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna buy #NWTS.”

Another one of my followers, Teshawn Soumah predicted that NWTS will still go platinum and maybe even diamond: “His fan base is out of this world, so 50 thousand people leaking it won’t affect his millions of fans.”

Penn State alumni, Durant Harvin IV had a different assumption. He said that Drake will sell less albums because it was leaked so early.

This debate could go either way… What do you think?

See Drake’s album on iTines at:

Watch Drake performing “Hold On, We’re Going Home” at the MTV Video Music Awards below:

{name} Author: Jessica Gold
Bio: Jessica Gold is a senior at the Pennsylvania State University. She is majoring in Print Journalism with double minors in African-American Studies and Sociology. Gold has a love for fashion, style and culture, and plans to work her way through the magazine industry after graduation. Her dream job is to become a writer/editor for Essence, but her ultimate goal is to create her own publication that incorporates multiculturalism in various arenas. She has hopes of achieving this by the time she is 30.


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