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multimedia resources for Pennsylvania educators

WPSU’s Keystone eMedia on Teachers Domain allows Pennsylvania teachers to access video clips, interactives, flash animations, lesson plans, and other valuable resources for the classroom in a matter of minutes. Tied to Pennsylvania and national academic standards, materials on this site have been through rigorous academic reviews and road-tested by teachers across the nation.

We invite you to:

  • take a test drive.
  • access our materials on the Special Collections page (look for Keystone eMedia).
  • participate in our Teachers' Post-Survey (prizes available for participation).
  • download our How To document to maximize your efficiency with this powerful tool.
  • check out one of our projects: 3 to 8 Educate.

The Keystone eMedia on Teachers' Domain has been generously supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by our project partners: WGBH in Boston, the creators of Teachers' Domain; WLVT in Allentown, who are providing additional Pennsylvania specific curriculum; and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.