Lindsey Whissel / WPSU Associate Producer

Lindsey Whissel


2010 Lieutenant Governor Primary

WPSU's Lindsey Whissel talks with a Penn State expert on state government about the role of lieutenant governor and the front runners on the ballot.


Teen Dating Violence

A bill on teen dating violence is moving through the Pennsylvania Legislature. WPSU’s Lindsey Whissel talks with the executive director of the Centre County Women’s Resource Center about teen dating violence and the pending legislation.

Kris Clark


Alcohol and Weight Gain

A Penn State nutrition expert is using an innovative method to get students to moderate their drinking habits…appealing to their vanity.



Source Investigation Program

It's no secret that underage drinking is an issue in State College, but what's not so clear is where the drinks are coming from. That's why local police launched the "Source Investigation Project"... to identify and prosecute people who give alcohol to minors.


Prison Overcrowding

In February 2010, one thousand inmates from Pennsylvania will be transferred out of state in an effort to alleviate prison overcrowding. WPSU’s Lindsey Whissel talks with a Penn State professor of Criminology about causes of overcrowding and possible solutions.


Cyberbullying and the First Amendment

In 2008, Gov. Rendell mandated that PA schools address cyberbullying. First Amendment advocates wonder if resulting punishments violate free speech. WPSU's Lindsey Whissel talks with Bob Richards, a Penn State Professor of First Amendment Studies.

Rich Olsen in Costume



Santa Claus dropped by the WPSU studios to talk with WPSU’s Lindsey Whissel about what kids want for Christmas, how many elves work at the North Pole, and if reindeers really can fly.

Closing Ceremony


Iraqi Officials Visit Central PA

A group of seven Iraqi officials were in central Pennsylvania last week for a training program at Penn State. WPSU’s Lindsey Whissel talked with the University’s Sue Purdum and Colonel James Hess, a U.S. Army officer, about the program.

Young Emily at the Great Wall of China


Day of Listening: Emily Perry

Today, WPSU’s Lindsey Whissel talks with her colleague and friend, Emily Perry. Co-workers often talk about their families and backgrounds. Lindsey was surprised to learn what an exotic childhood Emily had.


Lindsey Whissel is an associate producer for WPSU-TV and FM. New to the airwaves, she contributes stories to Morning Edition, and, on the television side, produces Conversations from Penn State, which airs locally on WPSU-TV and nationally on the Big Ten Network. She also assists in the production of the TV series Our Town.

Lindsey attended Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA, where she received a B.A. in cinema and digital arts with a concentration in cinematography and a minor in journalism.