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Tell us the personal philosophy and core values that guide your daily life and hear stories from others.

This I Believe is based on the 1950s radio program of the same name and the media project (launched in 2005) from This I Believe, Inc. and Atlantic Public Media. WPSU invites you, as a central Pennsylvania resident, whatever your background, to speak out.
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This I Believe

I Believe in Gratitude
Johanna Wagner
State College

In the summer of 2012, I had a lot for which to be grateful. My husband and I were expecting our first child in early September. As an anxious mother-to-be I spent those early summer months devouring books, movies, articles and just about anything I could find about babies and those first crucial weeks. I was…

This I Believe

I Believe in Cars
Mitch Hoffman
State College, PA

“Mitch, why are you such a knucklehead?” my dad says as he follows me out of our house and into the front yard. “Only a complete idiot would do something this stupid. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in that head of yours…” SLAM! My dad’s voice is suddenly cut off by the reassuring thunk of…

This I Believe

I Believe in Audiobooks
Vicka Pevzner
State College

It’s 6 am. I peel myself off the bed. I drag myself to the shower. I get dressed. I grab my lunch, my coffee mug, my gym bag. I get into the car. For the next 15 minutes as I drive to work; suddenly it’s not a Monday morning any longer. And it’s not freezing January…

This I Believe

I Believe in Flying
Amelia Browning
State College

The butterflies in my stomach as the wheels leave the ground, the soothing hum of the engine, and the rush of flying through a cloud—these are my favorite sensations. For every year of my life, I have a picture of me with a plane: from sitting on my father’s lap in the cockpit as a baby…

This I Believe

I Believe Cancer Cures
Ellie Eastman
State College, PA

Cancer. For most, hearing this word sends a shiver down their spine. For some, it brings to mind a loved one who has passed away because of the horrific disease. Cancer. But when I hear this word, I think of a family brought together with a stronger bond of love than they would have ever otherwise…

This I Believe

I Believe Big Things Have Small Beginnings
Andrew Slysh
Chalfont, PA

I was born weighing 2 pounds and 4 ounces. I was small, even for a newborn in a big world. While in the womb, the doctor gave my brother and me a low chance of survival because the umbilical cord was struggling to support us both. Despite this, we were born with no severe handicaps. By…

This I Believe

I Believe in a Moratorium on Youth Contact Football
Lara Dolphin
Hollidaysburg, PA

Our ten-year-old son has a variety of hobbies including cello, chess and swimming. But his favorite subject is the NFL. He’s learned professional football is a universal language among the males in his life. Whether discussing Red Grange or Tom Brady, his eyes light up. “What if Eli Manning had stayed with the Chargers? What if…

This I Believe

I Believe in Hogwarts
April Taylor
Tyrone, PA

When I was ten, reading was the last thing I would do for fun. I always finished assigned readings for class, but I never enjoyed them. I had to motivate myself to read. I would choose a book, read for fifteen minutes, and then reward myself with a snack or television show. Reading was the thing…

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WPSU invites you, as a central Pennsylvania resident, whatever your background, to speak out. Tell us the personal philosophy and core values that guide your daily life.

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