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Times of Triumph

Remembering the Great Depression

Hear from central Pennsylvania residents who lived during the Great Depression.

Get a glimpse of the days when the only way to survive was by standing in bread lines or working long days on the farm. Our exclusive series includes a tour of downtown State College, where many of the buildings date to the Depression, as well as first-hand stories from your friends and neighbors who experienced the Depression ... in cities, on farms, and in the classroom—as well as people who didn’t face any struggles at all.

WPSU remembers the past and seeks guidance for the future in this special, one-week series: Times of Triumph.

During the Great Depression, Centre County’s diverse industries suffered: coal, lumber, brick, stone, and textile production. By the end of the Great Depression, the county had lost a quarter of its businesses.

When President Roosevelt was elected in 1933, he created a “new deal” for American people. Government-financed programs created buildings, roads, landscapes, and employment. Penn State and State College prospered from such funds.

Stories produced by WPSU student producer, Josh Korn.

The Great Depression, The New Deal, and Centre County

The Centre County Historical Society commemorates the 75th anniversary of the New Deal with an exhibit featuring local businesses and industries and the voices and forces of the past.

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Images and text provided by the Centre County Historical Society, taken from their exhibit, “Tough Times and Lasting Legacies.” This exhibit was made possible through the support of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the Pennsylvania Humanities Council.

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