Capture the attention and imagination of your 21st century students with creative and interactive Swift materials.

What is Swift?

Swift is a new type of satellite, designed by Penn State researchers, to detect and record scientific data about gamma ray bursts. Launched by NASA in November of 2004, the satellite has been beaming data back to earth and is accessible to scientist around the world via the internet. Scientists hope to gain information far beyond the data from actual bursts. They are hoping to study them in depth to help refine the theories about why these bursts happen, where to predict they might occur, and even, if the bursts can help explain the origins of the universe!

How will Swift help teach middle school science?

While the topic of gamma ray bursts is exciting, students need to learn much more to meet the national science academic standards for their grade level. Thus, the curriculum, for use in grades 5-8, goes beyond the discussion of gamma ray bursts, to cover several curriculum areas, many having links to mathematic standards, too.

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