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The Folk Show, produced by WPSU at Penn State, brings you great music every weekend.  You’ll hear the occasional a cappella sea shanty or perhaps some Klezmer— and LOTS of celtic, bluegrass/ oldtime, singer-songwriters and acoustic instrumentals.    ON-AIR playlists—as well as our random Listen Now folk stream—are lovingly created by Folk Show volunteers.    There are several ways to listen to the Folk Show:  Broadcast Radio, Internet streams, and wireless networks.

The one most everyone is familiar with is Broadcast FM Radio,  which receive the main WPSU signal, which has be broadcast for decades.

But newer digital HD transmitters and radio receivers have for the past several years have allowed WPSU to broadcast 3 entirely separate broadcast streams,  WPSU1, WPSU2 and WPSU3.  With a digital HD radio, (you’ll need this special kind of radio) you can select any one of these streams to listen to.  WPSU1 is the sames the programming on WPSU-FM,  and the other two streams, provide different programming: music instead of news, and different kinds of music.  WPSU3 is mostly devoted to Jazz,  but the Folk Show can be found there Sat and Sunday afternoons.

You can also listen to any of the 3 WPSU streams via your computer or internet radio (a device that connects to via the internet rather than over the air).  With your computer, you’ll get the most reliable connection through an I-tunes connection.

If you have a smart phone or tablet computer,  you can listen to any of the 3 WPSU streams with an app, such as the NPR app.

  • Saturday 6-8am
  • Saturday 1-5pm (when Met Opera Season is over)
  • Saturday 8-10pm
  • Sunday 11am-1pm
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