Pennsylvania Inside Out: Organ Donation / Overview

Pennsylvania Inside Out Organ Donation

For the first time ever, there are more than 100,000 Americans waiting for an organ transplant. If recent history is any guide, about one third of those waiting will die before an organ is available.

About 75% of those waiting are in need of a kidney, which was the first, and is still the most common organ transplanted. Most transplanted kidneys today come from cadavers, but a growing number of patients with end stage renal failure will avoid the long delays altogether because a family member, friend or even an altruistic stranger has chosen to donate a kidney to a person in need.

In this special edition of Pennsylvania Inside Out, we’ll find out more about the demand for kidneys and about what it’s like for the more than 5,200 men, women and children in Pennsylvania alone who are waiting for a kidney transplant.


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